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Aug 14, 2009 9:00am EDT
to be moderated by mike lucks and tonya tarr. we are going to be asking for questions through twitter. you can use the hash tag, dean and end or right it down on pieces of paper and there will be people going around and collecting them. so mike, who is one of the moderators, is -- he worked on the obama transition team as a liaison to the progressive community, he worked in the clinton administration, and he co-founded the wonderful blog, open left. tonya is the director of legislative and political mobilization with the texas american federation of teachers. and she has previously worked for afsme-cio. so without further ado, i would like to introduce my friend, dr. howard dean. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> do you want to start with some opening remarks. >> sure. i'm really looking forward to this. let me just say a couple things. first of all, the people in this room are going to be the most important people in america over the next 8 to 10 weeks while we get this thing done, because we're seeing extraordinary things being said that are flatout not true, there's maliciously untrue and the onl
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Aug 8, 2009 11:30am EDT
us now, is a columnist for the "wall street journal," john fund, good to see you, john, thanks for being here and what do you make of all of the charges from the white house and leading democrats, these people showing up at these meetings are actually part of an orchestrated effort and they are not legitimately going down there to express their own views? >> well, that presumes these people have been tolled about the meeting by some outside group or going down there because they are robots. no, these are people with passionate feelings, who are very worried about the health care plan, and the 12 million americans on medicare advantage, their program will probably be terminated, in the next few years and the americans with health savings account, those accounts will be phased out. so, even if they are orchestrated in the sense that people are told to come to the meeting, that doesn't mean they are -- their opinions are not valid and i remember when bush proposed social security reform there were rallies featuring union members and people from all kinds of senior groups and those
FOX News
Aug 8, 2009 6:00pm EDT
joins us live. nice to see you always. i wish it wasn't under these circumstances. we heard from mayor bloomberg that if there are going to be any changes to the rules as far as the air traffic above the skies of new york city and manhattan, the area you preside over, it will have to come from the federal government. what kind of changes would you like to see federal authorities put in place? >> first of all, there is going to be an investigation and that investigation will take some time. but the reality is this is not the first time we've had an accident in the burroughs of manhattan. with a small plane. today it was a helicopter and a small plane. we've had loss of life. i think we have to start digging deeper and figuring out do we have the best safety protocol in place to deal with the skies which are full of small planes and helicopters and underneath that, are millions of new yorkers who look up hoping that the sky is safe and when we see a tragedy like this, we shouldn't wait for an investigation to be complete. the federal government should be meeting tomorrow morning. i'm goi
Aug 10, 2009 1:00pm EDT
with the actions of the mexican government. the mexican government has cooperated with us in efforts to stem this particular problem, to limit this particular problem and continues to work with us in ways we might reverse it. but the underlying problem as i said to president calderon and others, the underlying problem is in the canadian refugee laws and far too easy in canada to make a bogus refugee claim as a way of entering the country tli. we have to change that. it is unfair to those that are legitimate refugees and unfair to hundreds of thousands that are working their way through the immigration system. we will continue to work with mexican authorities to try and limit this problem, but in the absence of legislative change, it is very difficult for our government to control this, other than through the imposition of visa. it is the only tool available to us right now. we need additional tools from our parliament to stem the flow of bogus refugee claimants and also to have additional tools to deal with this kind of problem. >> alex panett amount, canadian press. >> translator: very impo
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Aug 5, 2009 1:00pm EDT
thank you for joining us. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute martha: this is the "live desk." i am martha maccallum. trace: i am trace gallagher. this is where the news begins. if you swing over here, this is the foreign desk covering the globe. every single picture that comes into fox news channel comes in right here along the media desk. here on the "live desk" we begin with break-in news. martha: disturbing new information on what may have motivated a shooting spree at a pennsylvania health club. a man shot and killed a three women during the wounded nine others when he opened fire in an aerobics class in pennsylvania. >> a lot of people started running around. i took off my headphones and i kept hearing boom, boom, boom. i heard about 30 shots. i started ducking down. i got out as fast as i could. i helped carry out one girl who was shot in the thigh. she kept saying she was going to die. it is crazy stuff. i am in shock. martha: the shooter was keeping a block ofblog the detailed his hatred of women.
Aug 10, 2009 3:00pm EDT
. real pics of u.s. fighters taking out the taliban on your national conversation for national conversation for monday, august 10th, 2009. -- captions by vitac -- >>> hello again, everybody. i'm rick sanchez with the next generation of news because we do a conversation, not a speech. it's always your turn to get involved. look at these live pictures we're following. this is such a curious story. that is a beaked whale. they're kind of rare. everything we've read about them indicates they usually don't show themselves but in this case, not only is this whale showing itself, it's in trouble. big trouble. they can't seem to be able to make it budge from this beach. that's a serious problem because -- not only for itself, by the way, but it also has its baby not far from it and it's safe because it's being held by someone but the whale itself, a large whale, this beaked whale is what it's called, is not just on the part where the surf is, but for the most part, on the beach part as well. all these people have come -- isn't curious how people who oftentimes would just
Aug 12, 2009 12:00pm EDT
the people and not about taking money out of the free enterprise capitalistic system that made us a great country and putting it in government pockets. >> grassley is the ranking republican on the senate finance committee, deeply involved obviously in health care reform bargaining process. let's talk about president obama, because he's fighting, one of the ones calling those health care reforms scare tactics head on. at a town hall in portsmouth, new hampshire, it was a lot like a campaign rally. the president accused special interest to scare and mislead people. outside the forum, protesters had signs that called him a socialist and protested what they see as a bigger government role in health care. president obama plans more town halls. the white house has launch add weshz to counter critics. >>> during the town hall, president obama says we have the aarp on board. the aarp which has 45 million or 50 says not so fast. the ceo says they have not endorsed any of the health care reform bill. aa rchl p is launch ag multi-million dollar advertising and organizing this to debunk critics. >>>
Aug 28, 2009 1:00pm EDT
write can be used against them. i am live at cnn headquarters in atlanta. >>> some stars we hardly know where to begin. let's push forward. a california woman who was kidnapped in front of her own house in 1991 is free and finally getting reacquainted with her family. the secret world she inhabited for 18 years, a backyard where she bore and raised her children. the world is repulsed at what happened to her. the suspect three hours from now will go before a judge to face charges relating to kidnapping and sexual abuse. he met wednesday with his patrol officer. hard to imagine what jaycee's parents are going through. her stepfather witnessed the kidnapping and for years was a suspect. jaycee's reunion with the mother was a shocker. >> jaycee told her she had babies and my wife asked her how many babies. it was a real shock. i didn't know babies. i was expecting -- nobody told me they were 15 and 11 so it was a shocker. >> we have news producers working every area of this case. >> phillip and nancy garrido expected to be arraigned at 1:00 p.m. local time. behind me is the home they lived
FOX News
Aug 4, 2009 3:00pm EDT
miami-dade. ralph, the photographer and reporter, is up in fox sky for us. we'll get back to ralph and our local station there in south florida as events warrant. first, though, north korea. former president clinton on a mission there to meet with the country's dear leader kim jong il. his immediate goal? the release of two american journalists sentenced 12 years with hard labor. breaking in just the past hour fox news confirmed that president clinton met with those two women. there is much more to this story, angled that could impact american diplomacy quite literally around the world. we'll cover it all today starting with the latest overseas. the former president flew into north korea earlier today. the visit was kept secret until he landed, and played down by the white house. then the big meeting with kim jong il. pictures released by north korea, i'm told. officially the white house says this is a private mission on president clinton's part. but keep in mind this is a former u.s. president talking to a rogue state that has recently tested nuclear weapons. and his wife just hap
Aug 24, 2009 9:00pm EDT
and as john charles daly used to sign off, good night and a good tomorrow. now to analyze the gop's new patients bill of rights that defends the kind of health care the president is proposing, ladies and gentlemen, sitting in for rachel maddow, here is allison stewart. >> good evening. thanks so much to you. unfortunately rachel is officially under the weather tonight. we'll do our very best to keep the candle burning. we have a loaded show with big names. we'll have insight on the release of the cia report and dr. howard dean will be here to discuss the rnc's latest health care reform foray and we'll weed whack through the latest antireform myths about the va health care. we'll begin with what's called the big kahuna on this show, a cia report detailing interrogation techniques including torture against prisoners in u.s. custody. the heavily anticipated report was finally made public today after months of delay and the details are significant and kind of gross. the now declassified report is still extremely redacted so large portions look something like this. but the pages that are not
Aug 18, 2009 10:00pm EDT
that democrats are using that as an excuse but maybe republicans are giving them one to push forward without them. >> ed henry, if this is true and seriously under consideration it seems a far cry from what we were hearing over the weekend from the white house, from kathleen sebelius, from the president himself, from robert gibbs talking about the public option being one of several things and the key thing is competition and choice. to go from that to suddenly moving forward ramming this thing through it seems like all day today they have been saying nothing is changing. it seems like a lot has changed. >> you are right. that is why they are not pulling the trigger tonight on this. over the weekend it was about the president showing flexibility saturday night on the town hall. maybe there won't be a public option. kathleen sebelius leaving the door open to no public option. she didn't close the door either. that was about trying to bring in kent conrad, a conservative democrat like ben nelson in the senate, show flexibility. if they ram this through with this procedural motion that will close tha
Aug 27, 2009 2:00am EDT
and human misery as weapons against the inflation. let us pledge that employment will be the first priority of our economic policy. . across the generations. it is the glory and the greatness of our tradition to speak for those who have no voice, to remember those who are forgotten, to respond to the frustrations and fulfill the aspirations of all americans seeking a better life in a better land. we dare not forsake that tradition. we cannot let the great purposes of the democratic party become the bygone passages of history. we must not permit the republicans to seize and run on the slogans of prosperity. we heard the orators at their convention all trying to talk like democrats. they proved that even republican nominees can quote franklin roosevelt to their own purpose. the grand old party thinks it has found a great new trick, but 40 years ago an earlier generation of republicans attempted the same trick. and franklin roosevelt himself replied, "most republican leaders have bitterly fought and blocked the forward surge of average men and women in their pursuit of happiness. let
Aug 7, 2009 5:00pm EDT
to look at what's going on here domestically in the u.s., and have to look at the currencies, because those markets are telling you globally what's going on. why is it the dollar today rallied? that has been a different dynamic than what you have seen in the past. good news coming out of the u.s., and the dollar rallied? reason being we are looking at the u.s. in terms of growth being the first to come out of this. so the rest of the currencies are rolling over. all the money is coming here supporting the u.s. dollar. >> does that seen like a smart trade? >> absolutely it's a smart trade. >> that the u.s. is going to be the first one in the world to lead us out of this global recession? >> absolutely. >> we're not. >> right. >> i'd go to asia right now, not the u.s. >> and the bet is being placed on the dollar. which doesn't seem to make sense. >> i don't think -- china has a v-shaped recovery, they've had it already, but we're looking at the g-3. look at japan, the u.s., like at what the swis franc today. >> i think the dollar is more a result of a very crowded dollar short, and peop
Aug 20, 2009 3:00pm EDT
." that does it for us. we'll be back here tomorrow. we'll be back here tomorrow. rick sanchez takes it from here. -- captions by vitac -- >>> coming at you right now, the fat cats ripping you and me off, hiding their money overseas to avoid paying taxes. a list of 4,400 of them who are denying our children billions of dollars. who are they? >>> he admitted it to me on the air. the more we look into this, the more this appears that it was really planned. >> oh, it was more planned than you think. >> so, he plotted to set up and have an armed man at an event near the president. the president! >>> and guess what? we're going to reveal his ties to a dangerous militia movement. >> we will resist people imposing their will on us through the strength of the majority. >> uh, secret service, are you listening? >> we will resist -- >> new details. >>> also, why is the terrorist who bombed the plane out of the sky, killing 270 people, being given a "compassionate" release? it is amazing to watch. are you outraged? what you say on your national conversation for thursday, august 20th, 2009
Aug 24, 2009 3:00pm EDT
? we left the nursing home and they told us we are on our own. he left with a feeding tube. i have been working with him but i'm not a speech pathologist, a professional that takes six years for a master's and i'm trying to get him to even drink. >> well, i think first of all, yeah, we'll help. the first thing we'll do is see what we can do individually to help you through our office but the other thing that's missing in this debate is us as neighbors, helping people that need our help. you know, we tend -- [ applause ] >> the idea that the government is the solution to our problems is an inaccurate, a very inaccurate statement. >> it's interesting that senator coburn just essentially said the government is not the solution. but then you have to ask yourself he just told her to come and see him. isn't he the government? by the way, after helping her, what will he do about the other 46,999,000 americans that don't have insurance and the thousands upon thousands of americans who say they do have insurance but like her, they're not getting coverage. we'll ask those questions and we'll stay
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Aug 11, 2009 3:00pm EDT
of fireworks lately. tell us about the tone of this event. >> outside, it has been very feisty, but inside, it was very respectful, bonilla, -- vanilla, calm. the president going around trying to find some opposition. one woman got up and said she was a pose. he winked at her, and she fell apart. shepard: the president addressed some of the tactics. >> he called the misinformation tactics. he took on one thing that has been out there possibly about how your health care may change. let's listen. >> the rumor that has been circulating a lot lately is this idea that somehow the house of representatives voted for death panels that will basically pull the plug on grandma. >> president obama spent a lot of his time at that town hall meeting basically trying to say what was in his plan. shepard: a lot of disinformation is out there. i wonder if the white house has found itself -- at least at this point, it seems clear they have not been able to match their opponents' campaign of disinformation, and the white house seems to be struggling. do they have a plan? >> they thought getting the president
FOX News
Aug 12, 2009 11:00pm EDT
may be setting himself up against austria is that smart? dick morris will analyze -- against us. is that smart? >> i do not get it. i do not get it. do you all think you are persuading people when you shout out like that? bill: a new poll shows that folks are turning against the obama health-care program, and almost everywhere -- >> you do not trust me? you know, i do not know what else i can do. bill: we will continue our reporting on this stunning story. >> ♪ she was only 16 bill: and some people are concerned about only 16-year- old miley cyrus becoming a sex symbol. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute hi, i am bill o'reilly. thank you for watching us tonight. as the obama administration declared war on fox news? that is the subject of tonight's talking points memo. it is known that some in the media, cnn and msnbc, generally support president obama in the health-care arenas. this was said to matt lauer. -- in the heal
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Aug 22, 2009 6:00pm EDT
for children. although i think he used to be a lot funnier when he was a republican. it took in $2,000. the senator may be going back to scenes like those town hall meetings. >>> this is a fox news alert. hurricane bill churning off the east coast as it surges north over the atlantic. hello, everyone. i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> hurricane bill creating rough waves. the storm is losing some strength. it's now downgraded to a category 1 storm. as it's moving a little north over cooler waters. safety officials in new england are urging extreme caution for folks in the area as bill is drawing near. domenica davis is in the fox weather center with the latest. hi. >> yes, this advisory came in, they have downgraded bill to a category 1, which is good news because it's 300 miles to the south of nantucket and that means it will make a pass to the east of the island late this evening, tomorrow. heavy swell also start to move in. that will be the name of the game, heavy rain bands moving through and as we've been looking at the pictures,
Aug 10, 2009 12:00pm EDT
from the top u.s. commander there. >>> and a big drag for a suspected robber who led police on a three-mile chase. they ended up chasing him not just to catch him but to save him. >>> i'm chuck roberts. welcome on a monday hln "news and views." diver are scouring the water for the two remaining victims of saturday's crash of a sight-seeing helicopter and a small fixed wing plane. that crash killed a total of nine people and this morning divers working in near zero visibility say they think they located the plane. they say they hope to pull it out of the water today. most of the chopper was plucked yesterday and the ntsb says it was close to intact. alert witnesses on both shores, the new york and new jersey sides of the river, caught the crash on their cameras. and the ntsb says their quick action is helping them piece together exactly what happened. >> we've had some very good information from eyewitnesses. we have some footage, some pictures that you all have seen that shows immediately after the collision some of the break-up sequence and the two aircraft actually falling towards th
Aug 25, 2009 3:00pm EDT
of us here are on medicare and there may be some who would like to give up their medicare. >> no, none of us do. so what is so wrong with government-provided health care? >> thank you. >> i have one more question. in the proposals you are suggesting, i didn't see any way to control costs. that's been one of our major problems, not only the denial of care shall the rationing of care by health insurance companies but that the costs have gone out of control. so how would you propose it -- how would your system control it? >> i'll send you a cope of that poster board. i don't want to get into it with mayo clinic. in all due respect, here is what they said. the proposed legislation misses the opportunity to help create higher quality, more affordable health care for patients. in fact, it will do the opposite. that's a farrell clear-cut statement from mayo. wellness and fitness, risk rules, the ability to go across state lines to purchase health insurance, reform medical malpractice. give every family a $5,000 refundable tax credit to go any place in america and get the health insurance they
Aug 7, 2009 2:00pm EDT
for changes and this is one of the little things. it's a little early, but the u.s. has not raised interest rates and won't until early next year. this strength has a lot of people talking with the stock market up. cyclicals, look at the rrlts and how strong they have been. there early signs and analyst chatter all this week. auto production may be increasing and that would be a positive for the railroad companies. we are seeing shipments increase a little bit. a modest increase as well. >> rick santelli, what is the market expecting in terms of interest rates and hikes and when. do you believe it? >> i'm not going to look at the marks and tell them the fed will expect you to do something at a date in the future, but what the markets are telling you is that data we received is pushing rates to a rate that could imply a market allocation to some extent. one day doesn't break that trend. bob is right. in terms of the treasuries, quite obvious. if you look at the guilt, the 10-year in the uk, maybe they are worse than we are. the tenure is unchanged and ours is up 40 basis points this week. i
Aug 3, 2009 11:00am EDT
will help us be signed into the future and you can't just tax the rich to get out of this, or raise taxes on the rich or return taxes on the rich and two top money men are not getting that out. >> >> we are not there yet. >> no. >> appreciate it so much. let's turn to the auto industry. when is the last time that you heard this? that an auto company actually saw sales increase. let's go ahead. susan lisovicz, this is a big deal. >> when is the last time we heard something from the big three where sales actually increased? about two years since the financial crisis began. so ford is telling us, giving us a preview, telling cnn radio that, yeah, july saw its sales increase. cash for clunkers played the part but they saw conditions start to improve in june. remember, cash for clunkers only kicked in in the final week of the month. what dealers are telling ford is the fact of a rising tide flips all boats, and we are hearing that we are seeing customers buying all sorts of cars now, and that, of course, why is that a big deal? cars are a big-ticket item and consumer spending is key in terms o
FOX News
Aug 7, 2009 1:00am EDT
care about the l is. >> congressmen's job is to protect us. your main job is not to get injured. i'm sorry for what america has turned into what it's turned into. >> we don't support single -family -- >> that's what obama wants. >> no, it's not what obama wants. >> don't you watch tv? greta: and just coming into fox tonight, brand-new video of a forum on health care getting very fiery in florida. congresswoman katie kester was at the event and got an earful from voters. >> if you'll all listen for five minutes, ok? [yelling] [whistling, applause, booing] >> wrong! wrong answer! greta: president obama's press secretary insists protesters like those are not a grass-roots movement, just astrotough. is the white house trying to stifle freedom of speech, those who just don't agree with them? in a blog at white, the white house gives an email address where people can report to the white house fishy speech, that is speech that questions the president's health care plan. our own major garrett asked press eaktary robert gibbs what does that mean. >> i was pretty clear that we're n
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Aug 15, 2009 2:00pm EDT
and that's going to do it for us, thank god that's out of the way, married and doing well. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> kelly: good afternoon captioned by closed captioning services, inc. the death panel, health care for seniors. and plus, remember fannie mae and freddie mac? meet their cousin jenny, the latest subprime mortgage lender and possible bailout considered e-candidate. gearing up for the 2010 sen have yo yous-- census. the journal editorial report starts right now. welcome to the journal editorial report, i'm paul gigot. claims fast and furious that the democrat health care reform plan, what critics are calling death panels for seniors and children with birth defects. sarah palin got in on the act recently writing on her facebook page, saying the american i know and love is not one where my parents or my baby with down's syndrome will have to stand in front of a death panel so his bureaucrats can decide based on a subjective judgment of their level of productivity in society whether they are worthy of health care. what they said this week. >> the
FOX News
Aug 16, 2009 10:00am EDT
within the last two dagens, when he did the two town hall events. >> rick: tell us the -- i read the press release yesterday and the town would be holding a town hall on health insurance reform, the new name of the game now. and talking about health insurance reform, and not health care reform, tell us about this strategy there. >> reporter: well, the white house basically is saying a huge portion of health care reform is basically fixing the insurance industry, and the way insurance is hand here in the u.s., and the president now has basically made the insurance company the enemy in a lot of this and several people in the town halls the past couple of days have called him out on it saying is that really fair and how are the insurance companies going to survive if you provide a public option so he has been called on it several times but he basically said there are millions of americans struggling with the system that is better set up for the insurance companies, than it is for average americans. some of the polling suggests that some people, while they'd like to see health insura
Aug 31, 2009 9:00am EDT
in the thekd quarter shrank by a more than expected quarter. a lot like u.s., ended up with minus 6 and change from a revised number. hey, we don't have any buybacks until tomorrow. the first of september we'll get a buyback, especially after steve had those great moments with the new york fed governor, dudley. of course, monday nany market participants still say that issuing of debt is a monetization. many don't understand why they don't admit it. as far as the market today, it is trying to annticipate both ap and friday's jobs report. jobs are king. mark haines, back to you. >> santelli, thank you. >>> sell-off in asia overnight which is now impacting us. china's shanghai composite led the pack to the downside dropping 6 3/4%. that is a three-month closing low. the month of august, chinese stocks dropped more than 21%. their second biggest monthly loss in 15 years. hong kong's hang seng lost about 2%. japan's nikkei down .4. after jumping more than 200 points earlier in the session. guy johnson, things a little rocky in europe? >> yes, to say the least, mark. that china story certainly havin
Aug 30, 2009 12:00pm EDT
was the leading liberal champion in the senate, and we used to get in some tremendous rows, but in the end we were able to put together some tremendous bills in history. >> if you read the op-ed pages and have conversations with people in politics, the word soul comes up a lot. the world says the democratic party has lost its soul. do you agree with that assessment, and if that's the case, how does one replace its soul? >> he was larger in death than he was in life. teddy was pragmatic and practical. he loved the democratic party and was passionate. obviously, we've lost a great champion in all of this. but he would take um branbrage. he would expect us to get up this morning, get battling, decide what we needed to do, sit down with our friends on the other side like orren and i have on many issues and get the job done. we don't have the luxury of sitting back and wall lowing in our own grief. one of the great tributes of teddy was his like ability. people liked him. also was his ability to overcome adversity. >> when i was up there seeing old friends in massachusetts politics, they say it's incre
Aug 9, 2009 6:00pm EDT
't get in and were locked outside. >> won't even let us in. they've blocked us out. >> my son has the right to live. >> no doubt. >> my son has the right to health care. >> you don't really think you're going to get that, ma'am, in this bill? >> we have to do something. >> that's what i hear from the liberals. we've got to do something. a bad bill is better than nothing, i guess. >> this health care reform town hall meeting in downtown memphis spawned more than one screaming match. >> i'll make this my first priority and yes, i have read the bill. >> -- taxes. >> please don't yell out, this is america, this is memphis, tennessee, take two aspirin and come back in the morning. >> reporter: boos and cheers greeted ed perlmutter. proof people are passionate when it comes to health care reform. >> i just appreciate the fact that you're all willing to take time to come out. thank you for exercising your civic duty of talking to your congressman. >> scenes like that playing out all over america. and it's not only the crowds losing their cool at these town hall shout downs. listen to geo
FOX News
Aug 27, 2009 5:00pm EDT
fellow he used to know in the military, some folks he helped with operation are iraq, a secretary and her husband's. an eclectic mix -- and her hám9 $(lc@&c+ goodbye. . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: tonight, we are focusing on revoluntionaries, because we're building a civilian army. those are bra rack obama's words: i think we're building a theocracy at best. grab a pen and note pad and please write these facts down, and remember, you question with boldness! come on, follow me. hello, america. we have some more questions for you tonight. i believe, just so you know going in that this is probably the most controversial show of the week, because you must understand the last three episodes of this show to be able to see and come to a place where you can believe that these crazy things may actually be happening. i want you to know, i hope these things are not happening. i hope that there is some other explanation, but i needed you to see who is advising the president earlier this week and wh
FOX News
Aug 1, 2009 4:00am EDT
. >> this has to help us and bring a lot of people back to work, particularly in the supplier industries, the first, second and third tier suppliers and the assembly plants. >> with tens of billions of dollars already invested in chrysler and g.m., not everyone is happy with what they see as another federal bailout. >> maybe we should have a cash for cluckers program and pay people to eat chicken. >> we need a program to pay people to by lumber. >> if you're given free money, you like it, and you want more. that's what this program is. >> still, the house voted by 3-1 to reprogram $2 billion in energy efficiency money to the clunkers program. even supporters say the problem has problems. the clunkers are supposed to be destroyed within two days of the sale but getting a refund gets much longer. i have dealers that have submitted their paperwork and aren't hearing back. >> john mccain is so opposed to the expenditure, he's planning to filibuster when the senate votes next. >> a lot of people are going this weekend to look at buying a new car. >> the amount of money you get for your clunke
Aug 1, 2009 2:00pm EDT
and twitter. we're both on facebook. make sure you john us every week for your money. >> saturday, 1:00 p.m., sunday, 3:00. have a great weekend, everybody. >>> do you own a clunker? there is time to cash in on the government's cash for clunkers program. live at a dealership in maryland. >>> security scare at la guardia airport, we'll tell you who was arrested and why. >>> michael vick is back, at least part of the way. >>> the u.s. humane society is forgiving him. why? i will ask the ceo. you are in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday. i'm fredericka whitfield. >>> call it a government program that is a victim of its own success. so many of you signed up for cash for clunkers rebates that the well is almost dry. yesterday the house approved $2 billion for it however. but until the senate approves it some are becoming wary. >> reporter: auto dealers thought it was the deal they couldn't and wouldn't pass up. what was the reaction when the program really started moving? >> when we saw the influx of business, the people coming in that were actually ready to
FOX News
Aug 7, 2009 9:00am EDT
% unemployment. however, the u.s. is getting out of the recession better than europe and japan. megyn: thank you. bill: is the recession on the way out? we have a senior economist from the "wall street journal." how do we read between the lines? >> i agree it is much better than we thought. some people still believe unemployment will go up to 10%. i am sure in the white house today they were very nervous about this. bill: you wonder if they had any indication yesterday or last night that the numbers would be better. however, we also heard from the economic team. christina romer will be our guest in the next hour. she said the stimulus program had likely lifted economic activity by two percentage points in the last quarter. >> i do not see any evidence of that. i think you would have to declare the economic stimulus a failure so far. there are 2 million more unemployed people today than when we started the program. do not forget, they told us that if we passed stimulus plan, we would have unemployment less than 8%. when you have 250,000 additional job losses, that is still kind of lousy, especial
FOX News
Aug 22, 2009 3:00pm EDT
is the necessary useful and very important aspect of this, but we're going to have to see because there are many other important aspects of the bill, as well. >> further complicating things, democratic negotiators say there is no support for option in their body. three democrats and three republicans on the senate finance committee were trying to negotiate. they have until september 15 to come up with plan. if they miss the plan democratic leaders will who have without them and get the passage with no republican votes. >> gregg: thanks. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to war stories and for all your headlines, all you have to do is log on to you're watching fox news, most powerful name in news. >> julie: no one is immune to it. among those seduced by the lifestyle, are beauty queens, cops and politicians. it's been called a narco insurgency, gun fights among heavily armed gun car tells have killed thousands. violence has spiraled out of control and threatened to spill across our border. narco terrorists have infiltrated 230 american cities. one of them is this person on interview. they
Aug 5, 2009 12:00pm EDT
in through the doors, we saw standing before us president bill clinton. >> boy, can you imagine how they were overcome at that moment? lee and ling were employed by the media company owned by al gore. president obama watched this joyous reunion on television as we all did here. he said he is breathing a sigh of relief now that the women are back home. >> i want to just make a brief comment about the fact that the two young journalists, euna lee and laura ling are safely back with their families. we are obviously extraordinarily relieved. i had an opportunity to speak with the families yesterday once we knew that they were on the plane. the reunion that we have all seen on television, i think is a source of happiness not only for the families, but for the entire country. >>> we want to know what you think about this, does former president clinton's mission, do you believe open the doors to better relations with north korea at this point? give us a call at 1-877-tell-hln or e-mail us at and you can text us your views at hlntv. >>> police say a man killed himself after firing 50 bul
Aug 7, 2009 12:00pm EDT
's probably about where we are at this point. at least we're not going deeper. >> tell us how you think the federal reserve is going to process this information today of somewhat better than expected results and the improvement in the jobs number. >> i think the real issue there is what does that do to the forecast? we know that the forecast was looking for a recovery, or at least beginning to be a pickup in the second half of the year. when you see the jobs numbers flowing like that, i think that confirms their outlook. they'll feel a lot better about it. >> i know you were with the fed. what do you think right now of the fed's ability to get out of this in time? do you think inflation from the current stimulus is a foregone conclusion? no way the fed can pivot at the right time? >> i think they have a real challenge on their hands. there's no question about it. you're going to have a slowing housing market. you're still going to have high unemployment. probably not a lot of signs of inflation. and that's going to be a tough sell to try to raise interest rates. everybody politically is
Aug 4, 2009 1:00pm EDT
know you're following that for us. >>> and we just want to give you a quick look at how we got here. laura ling and euna lee were arrested march 17th after allegedly crossing into north korea from china. they were working on a story on human trafficking for al gore's startup media venture, current tv. then in june the pair was convicted of illegal entry and so-called hostile acts. in a close trial they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor. now, let's go ahead and chart the clinton connection. you've got ling and lee and they work for current tv which is owned, of course, by al gore. and then al gore was clinton's vp, the former president, married to secretary of state, hillary clinton, now in africa. no role, by the way, in bill's private mention. so, you can see the connection to all the players going on right now in this. so, is this just one big photo-op or a turning point in one of the world's more dangerous disputes? let's ask our international security analyst, nuclear weapons expert also and president of plowshares fund, he joins me live from washington. joe, let's just l
Aug 5, 2009 3:00pm EDT
someone was using a firearm inside of there. >> it was pretty intense. when you get a chance to think about it, it happened so fast. once you realize when you were outside what happened, you saw the people running around. there was people that were shot and bleeding. it was a lot to take in. >> joining us now is dr. judy, clinical psychologist. how are you? >> you are welcome. tragic story. >> always good to see you. maybe we can learn something from this guy. what was his problem with women? i don't know if you caught this when i was reading it. >> no girlfriend since 1984. who knows why. i'm not ugly or too weird. no sex since july, 1990 when i was 29 years old. who talks or keeps data like that around. >> a lot of people feel rejected. there are men rejected, women rejected. you also read that he hated his mother and used some very nasty words toward her. when psychologically this kind of rejection from everyone. 30 million women, no sex. he is spewing this and blaming his mom. it gets very, very deep. most of us know how to deal with rejection and get over it. some people, like he
Aug 21, 2009 1:00pm EDT
coast of the u.s. is next. chad myers watching every move. >>> some call it mercy. others a travesty. scotland's release of a libyan bomber was controversial enough. his arrival back home? outrageous. >>> and a former swimsuit model murdered. her ex-husband charged and on the run. we're pushing forward on the manhunt. >>> hello, everyone, i'm kyra phillips, live at the cnn world headquarters in atlanta. you're live in the "cnn you're live in the "cnn newsroom." -- captions by vitac -- >>> warnings go out as hurricane bill closes in on bermuda. waves are already picking up, as we can see in these pictures from one of our i-reporters and along the u.s. east coast people are being advised to keep a close watch on the big storm. it's not expected to make a direct hit, but it's still going to produce some pretty dangerous riptides and mess up a lot of weekend plans. bill's impact is expected to be felt all the way from florida to new england and actually into canada. chad myers tracking hurricane bill for us there in the cnn severe weather center. what's going on, chad? >> i
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Aug 24, 2009 9:00am EDT
a partner you said to go past cnn. gretchen: join us for the after the show show. have a fabulous monday, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute megyn: good morning, everybody. health care reform is on the verge of all-out political war. a senate democrat ramping up talk of an explosive packed act that would pass a bill -- an explosive tactic that would pass the bill with zero republican support. chuck schumer saying that his hand is on the new button. >> the bottom line is that we prefer a bipartisan approach, which is why senator reid and president obama bent over backwards, this bipartisan bill was supposed to be done after a series of deadlines. at some point soon after we get back, if we do not have a bipartisan bill we bill never be able to meet the goal of having a bill signed into law by the end of the year. yes, we are considering alternatives. megyn: that is where we begin this morning. welcome, greg. gregg: good to see you. you can feel him edging closer to that music button. megyn: he does not
FOX News
Aug 26, 2009 12:00am EDT
never forget it. if i tell you, you'll forget it right away. and she was right. that's it for us today. we'll see all you premium members on the factor postgame show. we hope to see youou next time. the spin stops right here because we're looking out for you! [captioning made possible by fox news] sean: tonight -- >> the health care proposal needs to be killed now. >> while the president's away, the health care debate ranges on. >> glad i called on you, ma'am. thank you. sean: today the director threatens to quit after a showaltering match at the white house. we investigate oregon death panels. >> what are they going to do to me, huh? not like the governor of alaska. sean: david letterman is at it again. >> and here's what's on the reading list. sean: is the president planning to actually read the health care bill? all that plus governor tim pawlenty, and more. hannity starts right here right now. the president may ab way but the health care debate. continues to rage in his absence. our -- we go live to reston, virginia, where congressman howard dean is holding a meeting. >> if 2
Aug 10, 2009 2:20am EDT
recognizes h1n1 is going to be a challenge for all of us and there will be people who are going to be getting sick in the fall and die. >> another deadly issues, president calderone's war against mexican drug cartel, which are only getting stronger. drug-related deaths surpassed 12,000 this month. president obama stands firmly with calderone as the cartels have increasingly branched out into the u.s. >> we have responsibilities to reduce the trafficking of guns into the south that help strengthen these cartels and the flows of money and money laundering. >> they will also discuss an issue of livelihood, unemployment in the u.s. caused by a trucking dispute. in 1994 the two countries agreed to allow mexican trucks to haul their loads directly into the u.s. to expedite delivery as long as safety measure were met. but members of congress and teamsters union complain the trucks are unsafe and block them from entry. >> allow them into our country will diminish safety on our highways. >> reporter: in retall yashgs, mexico slapped $2.4 billion worth of tariffs on products, devastating businesses th
Aug 8, 2009 5:00pm EDT
it was quick, yeah. >> what did you guys do next offer saw this? >> we all, three of us girls, we all called 911. i think it was probably busy, so it said leave a message. so that was a little bit funny, but very soon in about a minute, i just see like all the other helicopters and people coming for the rescue. so it was very quick. >> did you see a plane? did you see a plane? >> no, i did not see a plane. i didn't know there was a crash. i just thought it's probably a malfunction. >> did you them starting to pull people out of the water? >> i see a lot of people come and start trying to rescue. lots of boats started to drive towards the helicopter. >> did you see people in the water? were there people swimming that immediate rescued? ? >> die not see that. i did not see a struggle or anything, but i see people try to come and help. >> where were you, golfing? >> chelsea pier. >> where were you exactly when you saw it? >> i was on level d or c. i think level d. we were golfing. chelsea pier golf club. >> tell me more about the rescue effort. you were are both red heading to the scene. i saw
FOX News
Aug 1, 2009 1:00am EDT
going on on capitol hill. plus, it took us three months, but finally, the defense department releases footage from that fly over manhattan that you paid for. remember prove that photo op -- remember? that photo op. and a career change? two doctors becoming a star. first, a health scare? that is what karl rove says. he joins us here in washington. health scare? >> he has adopted a much different tell the last few weeks, starting with his news conference -- a much different tone. i think we would all be talking today about the comments he made about doctors, where he said that doctors would give you the blooping or the red pill, which is twice as expensive -- or the blue pill, allegations where doctors routinely do tonsillectomies to fat in their wallets. -- to fatten their wallets. greta: i got a lot of emails about that. >> yes, their own personal financial situation as opposed to your health care, and we saw in the tone that night. what he talked about was a much more dark discussion, not what this could do for the country, but people afraid of losing their health insurance, and he b
FOX News
Aug 6, 2009 1:00am EDT
. better look out. then, it is unbelievable. average americans -- that is us -- getting bamboozled. big corporate weasels law and cheap, and who pays the price? hereç is a hit. -- big corporate weasels liw and e and cheat. and one of the release to journalists in her own words. -- here is a hit. and passionate voters voicing their objections -- here is a hit -- hint. the dnc has another word for the protesters. "angry mob." >> they lost the election. they lost on the recovery act, the budget, and children's health care. they have lost the confidence of the american people after eight years of failed policies that were when their economy and cost millions of jobs. now, rush limbaugh and the others have the same goal to distort president obama and stop the change americans voted for overwhelmingly in november. >> it will break camp. >> i hope he fails. >> -- it will break him. >> they have no desire to move the country forward, so they have called out the mob. call the republican party. tell them you have had enough with the mob. the democratic national committee is responsible for the
FOX News
Aug 6, 2009 6:00pm EDT
, and if congress creates government-run health insurance, should lawmakers have to use it? we report. you decide. all that, plus the fox all-stars. "special report" starts now. cheer clear chris: welcome to washington. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the obama administration's cash for clunkers program is looking for a $2 billion refill. the senate is expected to vote before it goes on august recess whether to approve more money for rebates that have encouraged tens of thousands of people to trade in their own gas guzzlers for new more fuel efficient cars. white house correspondent wendell goler is live with an update. good evening, wendell. >> chris, this legislation passed by a 3-1 margin in the house an harry reid is confident he has the votes to pass it in the senate but lawmakers are spending hours debating amendments they know will be rejected just to get their objections on the record before they go home for the august break. as of yesterday, the clunkers program had burned through three-quarters of the billion dollars congress initially appropriated, suggesting the original $4 billi
Aug 19, 2009 12:00pm EDT
twice. we'll explain it to you. we're glad to have you with us. happy hump day as we get halfway through the workweek. we're so grateful to have your company as always. we have learned today that a pioneer in the news business is dead. don hewitt, creator and longtime producer of cbs's "60 minutes" passed away today. his career at cbs spanned a staggering 60 years. he was probably best known for his 36 years as "60 minutes" executive producer. hewitt was 86 years old. certainly our thoughts going out to our colleagues at cbs and his family as well today. >>> a search is under way in katie, texas, for a police officer accused of kidnapping his ex-girlfriend who is also a cop. take a look at this picture here. investigators say rachel hillsman was dropping her children off at her mother's house yesterday when this man julio reyes abducted him. this is the victim in the case. take a good look. police helicopters are searching for them by air. s.w.a.t. teams and bloodhounds could join the search soon. the couple have a child together but they broke up months ago. friends say they had an argu
Aug 20, 2009 5:00pm EDT
thadebt. it has no validity to u.s. taxpayer. [inaudible] . . >> many of those banks have paid the money back with interest. we have got back from several of those banks to hundred billion dollars that was lent. $75 billion has been returned in less than a year. we insisted on compensation restrictions. we tried to force them to do foreclosure relief. as for bankruptcy, i did favre and the house passed a bill to allow people to declare bankruptcy [unintelligible] unfortunately, that died in the senate. we were not able to get that. i am disappointed on the banks -- with the banks on foreclosure. i have a problem with some of the money that is being repaid as the tarp plan comes back. i want to make that available as a loan to people who had a good mortgages, not subprime mortgages, but could mortgages who have lost their jobs. you can't pay a mortgage out of [unintelligible] if that is your primary source of income. i will be fighting for that when we get back. >> if anybody has a political stance and not a question, the microphone will be cut off. we want to get to questions.
Aug 4, 2009 12:00am EDT
. >> then the bill was rewritten and changed, and both of us were very worried as to whether it would be able to carry out the mileage efficiency standards, the purpose of the bill was to try to encourage people to buy more fuel-efficient automobiles. well, our staffs have just finished a briefing and in that briefing 120,000 sales so far were reviewed, and it was pointed out that the average was 25.4 miles per gallon. the cars average 28.3 miles per gallon so far. suv, 21.9 miles per gallon and trucks 16.3 miles per gallon. now, these numbers are actually very good numbers. in the sales, almost 60% of those turning in cars turned in cars -- excuse me -- bought cars. bought cars. this is 34.8% bought suvs and minivans. and only 5.5% bought big trucks. and, of course, it was the big truck which for us was the problem in the legislation when we initiated it. in turning, 83% of the vehicles have been trucks and suvs. and the remainder, sedans. so, clearly, 60% of the cars being purchased are sedans and the big number in the turn-ins are trucks and suvs. the average rebate is $4,237, which means
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